Do I need to complete the entire 50 hour program in order to obtain my State of CT License?

Yes, the State of CT requirement is 50 hours completed by an approved school.

Do you offer Day and Evening Programs?

Yes, we offer both day and evening programs with convenient start dates. Please review the school section of the website to view the many enrollment dates offered.

If I can’t’ make it to one of the classes, how do I go about making up the hours missed?

We understand the everyone’s lifestyle and schedule is different. We have Instructors available daily for our students to make up the hours during the Day and Evening Programs as soon as possible.

Once I have completed the class, do I have to wait to take a separate State Exam to get my license?

No. During the last day of class, you will take the written and clinical exam right at our school. Our testing method has been approved by the State of CT. This process makes it very convenient for our students to complete everything in a timely manner.

Does the School issue the State of CT Eyelash Technician License?

No. The State of CT issues the actual Eyelash Technician License. Once you have passed the classroom and clinical exam, you will be presented your 50 Hour Eyelash Technician Certificate of Completion. This certificate, along with a headshot photo of yourself, is needed to upload to the State application website. At the end of the day on the last day of class, our instructors assist students through the State application process. 

Once the State of CT approves your application for the license, you will receive the license by email in which you may print a copy. Students usually receive their license from the State of CT within 2 weeks of sending the application. 

Is there an additional charge by the State of CT for the Eyelash Technician License?

Yes. The State of CT has a $100 Licensing fee that is due during the application process on the State of CT website: This $100 fee must be paid by the student using their credit card on the State of CT website. Our instructors remind students about what is needed for the last day of class, so all graduating students are prepared to complete the process on the State of CT website. 

If I move to another state in the future, is my license transferrable to that state?

Each state is different in regard to licensing, so we recommend students check with the State in which they may relocate to in order to get the most accurate information. Since Ch’i Lash the School is an approved school by the State of CT, your State license and school transcript show that you have completed 50 Hours of study in the program. 

Is there a payment due upon enrollment to the 50 hour Program?

Yes, there is a small $75.00 non-refundable application fee due upon enrollment. 

For more information regarding payment plans please contact our Campus Director at 860-346-5274 or email inquiry to

Is there financial aid available for the 50 hour Program?

Federal Financial aid is only available for programs that are 300 or more hours in length. Since the Eyelash Technician Program is only 50 hours, there is no federal financial aid available. However, there are federal grants through the WIOA (Workforce Innovations Opportunity Act) Program for qualified students. Please refer to the WIOA website for more information.

We have also worked with many local credit unions and other financial institutions in the State of CT. Many offer opportunities to receive low interest loans for students or members of a credit union or financial institution. Always remember to check with your personal bank that you may be a member of already.

You may also call our Campus Director at 860-346-5274 for further assistance.

Do I have to purchase the school lash kit included in the Cost of Education, or can I use my own products to save money?

Students who provide proof of quality lash products and receives approval from Ch’i Lash the School Director are the only exception to not having to purchase the lash kit.

During the 50 hour program, students will only be allowed to use our Ch’i Lash line of products to train with during the class. Due to liability, the students cannot bring their own lash products. We supply all the training products during the program. 

Once I have graduated and obtained my license, where can I buy products to support my business?

Ch’i Lash the School has a full showroom of all Eyelash Products and Accessories to support your business. All the products may also be purchased online through our website and have the choice to be picked up in store or shipped to your location.

Students receive 15% off all products and accessories.

Ask about our Brand Ambassador Program for extra discounts!

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