Ch'i Lash: A History of Our Eyelash Product Line and Technician Program

Ch'i Lash: A History of Our Eyelash Product Line and Technician Program

I've always had a passion for the beauty industry and making others feel beautiful, inside and out. However, that passion exploded in 2010 when I began doing eyelash extensions.

In 2013, I took that passion and expertise and created Ch’i Lash, both a lash line and technician school. If we've met, you would know I love to promote positive energy, hence the name of the company “Ch’i". I'm full of gratitude for life, love, joy, peace, and happiness. My mottos are “Love what you do with love” and “Achieve happiness, and success will follow". I've carried these forward to shape the lash school to help empower our students to find success in the work they love.

How it all began.

Hello, I'm Samantha DiFilippo, Owner and Founder of Ch'i Lash. I was born in Thailand, however, the American Red Cross helped relocate my family to the United States, where we could build a better life. I grew up in San Diego, California, and moved to Rhode Island in 2000. In 2009, I started esthetician school and began taking lash classes. In 2010, I opened my lash business, and within three months I was fully booked with clients.

In 2013, I opened Ch’i Lash, starting with my own lash product line. From there, I started training other lash technicians, and my passion for empowering others to do what they love kept me motivated to move the school forward despite a lack of regulation for lash training at the time. Now, we have grown to two eyelash technician school locations and three retail locations with multiple instructors and staff available to guide our students and customers through their Ch'i Lash needs. I am very proud of how far we've come! We are so thankful for everyone who has been part of our journey so far and hope you'll be part of this next chapter as well.

What is Ch'i Lash?

Located in Middletown, Connecticut, and Warwick, Rhode Island, our lash technician programs train students from all backgrounds and levels of experience. You don't have to come with any experience at all. Whether you are starting with zero experience or you've been doing or practicing lashes by watching YouTube on your own, it doesn't matter. We can help you from the ground up and teach you all the ways to be successful, whether you are building your own business or going to work for someone else.

What really motivated me to further go into the training was when I would see my students be successful, and when I would witness their, happiness and, and their success in finding something that they truly love to do. It's what continued to motivate me to keep developing the school. And that's why I've continued to grow our product line, continued work on education and training, and develop new ways of how I can teach our students to grow and build their businesses successfully. I'm so happy that our school has continued to grow.

What type of experience do you get at Ch'i Lash?

At Ch'i Lash, we are committed to helping you grow your lash career. We teach our technicians how to perform lash extensions in a safe and sanitary environment that will allow you to successfully bring your lash business from the start-up phase all the way through to an established professional practice.

We're all about positive energy here at the school and good vibes only. From the color choices that we have around the school, to each individual student's studio, we strive to create a comfortable and welcoming environment. And everyone puts their individual marks on the space as they begin building their style and brand.

It's not unusual to see our students staying late after class to spend extra time learning and growing together. We're very happy to have created a space where our students feel excited to learn and grow their careers. We spend a lot of time guiding and giving feedback, even after our students go out into the field.

We empower our students and motivate and inspire them to do better be better and perform at their best level. And when they become successful, we become successful. That's been our passion and always will be. If you're looking for an organization with a commitment to success and support throughout your entire professional journey, then Ch'i Lash is for you!

What is the Ch'i Lash Product Line?

We have all the various products on hand that you will learn throughout the process of being in school. You're able to see all the products, go through all the different colors, and all the different variations and sizes and try out all the different tools. It's not just about learning how to do the lashes, it's about the products and making sure you can make the best recommendations for your future clients, too. There are so many different sizes, curls, and accessories to learn throughout the process, and having the whole showroom of products that we sell just enhances the education process of learning the whole industry. We spend a lot of time going over products because then our students get hands-on experience before they go into the field. With our wide variety of tools and lash options, it's a great opportunity for our students to try different techniques and products so they can bring a more experienced approach when they are working with their clients.

As a student, you get 15% off the Ch'i Lash Product Line. The school enrollment also includes a customizable kit that allows you to pick and choose the lash products and accessories you will need for your business to help you build it out in a way that honors your own goals and vision.

Our mission is to prepare all of our students for great success and the product line comes in for convenience. They can have everything they need to create the artistry and design and build the brand that they want to build when they're done with school to create the business that they want to create. We hope you choose Ch'i Lash to help guide you in your career as a lash technician.