Building Your Lash Business: Skillsets That Will Help you Achieve a Successful Lash Career

Building Your Lash Business: Skillsets That Will Help you Achieve a Successful Lash Career

You've done it! You completed the Ch'i Lash the School Lash Course and applied for your Lash License. We're so proud of you for going after your dream life! You may decide to go work for someone else, in which case the following tips will still be helpful in finding success. However, if you are ready to start your own Lash Business, you'll find the following tips essential to building a successful business.

Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

To start, it is important to note that building a business can push you to grow beyond your current self in order to achieve the success you've dreamed of. At times, it may ask that you grow not only on a professional level but a personal one. But don't worry! Remember that we are here to support you in your journey to success. Below are a few questions to help you assess where you are currently at and which areas may need a little more attention. And don't forget, you are capable of hard things. After all, look how far you've come!


Are you clear about what you want?

Are you thinking long-term?

Are you working on progress and growth or are you comparing yourself to other lash techs?

Are you going into this with a positive attitude?


What is your confidence level?

Do you have the confidence you need?

Work Ethics

Are you putting in the work and effort to do what it takes to be successful?


Are you really hearing what your clients are telling you? Not what they’re saying but what they’re not saying.


Are you able to respond with empathy when your clients share their whole life story with you?

Honesty and Trust

Are you being genuine and authentic?

Are you canceling and rescheduling your client's appointments to best suit your schedule and not theirs?

Tips for Building a Relationship with Your Client with Genuine, Clear Communication.

No one has ever found success alone. Whether you have employees, friends, family, or clients motivating and pushing you forward, you'll find that the journey is better together. That's why communication is so important to establishing and growing your lash business. Only through genuine, clear communication can we best serve those who support us in our journey to success. Not only will it create the best experiences for your clients, but it will also result in less time wasted and more positive experiences for you in your work day.

Here are some tips to guide you as you get started:

  • Greet your client.

  • Ask them kindly to fill out the necessary forms.

  • Get to know your clients.

  • Read their consultation form.

  • Know where they live.

  • Have they had services before?

  • Who referred them?

  • How were their prior experiences with lashes?

  • Any reactions or retention issues?

  • What sizes and curls do they like?

  • If it’s their first time, ask them what style they would like and have them show you pictures.

  • Make sure the client has enough time for the service. For example, a cat eye takes me the longest. Make sure to inform your client of the estimated time for the application in the event they need to leave early.

  • Make sure you let your client know that this service is not permanent and that you can adjust and change anything to your client's liking.

  • Make sure your client is comfortable. For example, is the temperature, music, and table okay?

  • Double-check your work.

  • No two lashes should adhere together and no extensions or adhesive should come in contact with the skin.

  • Make sure you’re happy with your work before you show your client your work.

  • Make sure you share with your client the at-home care instructions to ensure your client practices the highest standard of sanitation and infection control and to ensure great retention of the extensions

  • Book your two-week fill

  • Follow up two-three days later. Check-in on your clients and ensure they are still happy with their lashes and don't have any questions.

We hope these tips and self-reflection prompts help you feel more prepared to tackle your new lash business journey! And remember, you are strong, you are capable, and we believe in you! Reach out any time, and good luck!