Asking the Right Questions: How to Become a Lash Technician Your Clients Will Love

Asking the Right Questions: How to Become a Lash Technician Your Clients Will Love

Are you a lash technician looking to improve your services and become a go-to expert in the beauty industry? Knowing how to ask the right questions is key to understanding what your clients want and need. From selecting the right lash styles and lengths to creating a custom lash map, the right questions can make all the difference when it comes to providing a quality lash service. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of asking the right questions as a lash technician, and how it can help you become a lash technician your clients will love.

Get to know your client

Understand what your clients want by asking specific questions:

  • Is it their first time getting lashes?

  • What was their experience if they had them done before?

  • What is their daily morning and evening routine with skincare and makeup? (This helps identify their lifestyle)

  • Are they getting lashes done for a special event?

  • (Ideally, they schedule 3 weeks out from a special event for a full set and then the week of the event for a fill)

  • Or are they interested in keeping up with them? (Long-term maintenance)

The more you understand your client, the better you can guide them toward the best experience possible for them.

Do they have sensitive skin?

Do they have sensitive skin or have they had any reaction to lash adhesives? If yes, we recommend our Professional Strength Adhesive. This is a nice solution for clients who have never had lashes before or think they may have sensitive skin.

Another question would be to ask if they are experiencing any issues with their natural lashes such as weak or brittle lashes, or lash loss. We teach eye anatomy and eye health in our lash course so that you're able to confirm whether it is safe to proceed with the lash application or if you need to recommend that your client see a medical professional. Never proceed with the application process if there are contraindications as it can not only create a negative lash experience but also put the client at risk.

Ask for examples

Most clients may not know what they want. It’s best to have pictures to show or have them show us pictures of what they desire. However, always be mindful and consider every person’s personality. Lashes are about personality. Like the style of clothes you wear, lashes have a personality. As you get to know your clients long-term, you'll be more comfortable suggesting new styles that might suit their unique style and needs.

What if they leave it to your judgment?

If the client lets us make the decision, I recommend starting off more natural. You may choose to do lash mapping or just freestyle, which is my favorite. I love adding a pop of color just for fun. One of my favorite parts of being a lash technician is the chance to be creative and artistic. I love to blend C and D curls together or blend different diameters, like .07 with .03 in D and DD curl for a more dramatic look. This is the beauty of lashing. It’s so much fun playing with the different curls and diameters.

Take your client's wants, needs, and personality into consideration, relax and have some fun with it! If you still feel unsure about getting creative, ask us about our Advanced Courses such as the Lash Mapping/Volume Artistry Lash Course. Believe in yourself. You're capable of doing anything!