Ch’i Lash is offering a new and exciting opportunity to lash professionals across the nation: Our Master Lash Trainer Program! Our Educators Course is a comprehensive two day class to become one of our Educators.

Our goal is to work together in the industry to help educate and build the lash careers of new and aspiring artists. We are looking for lash professionals who are positive role models and influential individuals. They must be self-motivated and have a passion for training others.

This course includes hands-on training with Ch’i Lash founder Samantha DiFilippo. Samantha will give you her formula for success in this industry based off of her personal experiences as a lash artist, educator, and business owner.

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What will you be doing as a Ch’i Lash Educator?

  • Certifying students under the Ch’i Lash Brand.
  • Be featured on our social media networks, as well as listed on our website and lash artist directory.
  • Have the opportunity to buy Ch’i Lash products at wholesale to retail in your own business. (with valid resale license only)
  • Be giving commission opportunities and exclusive educator discounts.
  • Have support for your business from the Ch’i Lash founder.

What are the requirements for becoming a Ch’i Lash Educator?

  • Maintain an open line of communication with Ch’i Lash founder/owner Samantha.
  • Uphold a professional image and reputation, in person and online.
  • Promote the Ch’i Lash brand on your social media networks.
  • Have an attitude of excitement about the Ch’i Lash brand and team.
  • No promotion of any other eyelash extension company, their products, or their training material.
  • Must be Ch’i Lash Classic and Volume Lash certified.